Texas is the epitome of adventure. Where else can you find sandy beaches, rocky mountains, desert plains, and swamplands all wrapped up in one giant (awesome) package? That’s why I am so passionate about Texas adventure weddings. Regardless of the type of adventure you’re seeking, Texas probably has it. 

There are many reasons why couples choose both Texas and adventure as the theme of their wedding, but these are the top three.


1.Texas reflects who you are.


Texas is modern and urban, but also rugged, vast, and rich in so much history. Many people choose Texas for their wedding because it reflects who they are. Whether you’re a native to the Lone Star State, just moved out here (hello booming economy!), or have visited family here for years – there’s something about Texas that just speaks to you, and you want that incorporated into your big day.



2.You’re more about the experience than the tradition. 


Sure, tradition has its place in your big day, but I bet you’re here because you want the experience (and the wedding) of a lifetime. Am I right? Sometimes a small, intimate wedding that checks all the boxes in the ‘experience’ department (like Harmon wedding here) is better than a huge wedding where you barely get to say ‘thank you’ to each guest! Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to ditch all those beloved traditions, like walking down the aisle with dad, but maybe we can say “adios!” to the cheesy dollar dance?



3.You want your guests to remember it too. 

This is your big day, but shouldn’t your guests enjoy it too? It doesn’t have to be one or the other. Instead of a koozie or a bottle opener, say ‘thank you’ to guests for attending with ziplining, paddle boating, or horseback riding. An intimate wedding that’s geared around an awesome experience will be memorable for you and your spouse (and a cool vacation for your guests – but better because they get to watch you marry the love of your life!)

If all of this sounds like you, let’s get together and figure out how to make your adventurous Texas wedding dreams a reality!