October 19, 2019

Rebraning your wedding business

Some of you know that I recently narrowed down my wedding business to a specific clientele and with that, I also re-branded my wedding planning business. For me, I knew I wanted to draw a certain type of bride and groom. My ideal client loves the outdoors and adventure. The couple wants to create more of a wedding experience than keep with traditions. And typically my couples aren’t afraid to get dirty, are laid back, and value adventures more than things.


Finding Leah to help me with a new logo design and to narrow down my business vision was a big blessing! And because she was such a help to me I wanted to share the process with you and introduce you to her. So below is her wedding business branding tips and ideas.



LeahHi, y’all! My name is Leah and my new friend Caroline asked me to write up some tips and things to keep in mind when branding a wedding business. These are the same things that I went through with Caroline to develop her new logo! Let’s break it down into three main points.







You have your service identified, now we have to identify what makes you stand out. I asked Caroline to identify adjectives that define her business and she said: bold, earthy, moody, dark, kind, approachable, lovely, Christian, helpful, outdoorsy, creative.

It was incredibly helpful that Caroline knew exactly what her style is and who she is as a business owner. Now, the next step is crucial: we have to help her ideal clients find her and choose her for their wedding.



For your wedding business, what is your ideal bride like? Really picture her and think of things like:

  • What is her name?
  • How old is she?
  • Where does she like to shop?
  • What’s her style like?
  • What TV shows, movies, books, magazines does she like?
  • What does she value?

Why should you dive into questions like that? Because you need to remember: you are building a logo, site, service package, etc. that reels her in and helps her choose you for her special day. You must know exactly who she is and what she’s looking for so you can serve her well.

For Caroline, she had her established color scheme and had a distinct style which was clear in her mood board and photography from her website.


With her ideal client in mind, it was my job to create options:


Caroline narrowed down the selection to two options then asked her Instagram following, including her ideal clients, which stood out to them best. With that in mind, we chose her final logo and branding elements.













Where is your bride hanging out? She’s likely scrolling Instagram, pinning away on Pinterest, and Googling for YOUR website. Here’s a quick checklist to cover your bases on where to place your logo:

  • The header of your website – at the VERY least, your logo should be in the main header/navigation and her submark could go in the footer
  • Favicon (the little icon that shows up in the browser tab and when you favorite a webpage) – in Caroline’s case, she should use the leaf symbol
  • Social media profiles – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest at the very least 🙂 having social media profiles also helps your SEO! *win-win*
  • Networking profiles – example: I met Caroline on Honeybook so her logo should be used in her Company Brand on her account
  • Email Signature – do a quick search on Pinterest on how to set up an email signature so you look and feel more legit when communicating when vendors and clients
  • Vendor/Networking Events – put your logo on all the things and keep in mind your full branding package when working networking events


Sprinkle in your branding elements too! For Caroline, she should use that coral color as little touches on her site. She could also add little groupings of her dots in the background of her pages and the leaf in the corner of some photography to tie together all of her branding elements.


Remember that you charge big bucks, or should be ;), because you are a pro and brides should trust you with their time and investment. Earn that credibility and show your client that you have your business together with a strong brand and presence, online and in-person, so she will trust you with her big day. 🙂

I hope you found this post to be helpful and encouraging! If you have any questions or would like help with your branding and online presence, feel free to email me at [email protected]. I am building my new business, Leah Marie Creative, to serve small business owners just like you. Until my new site is up, visit leahschumacher.com to see what I can do. Also, follow her on Instagram at Salted Brew or Leah Marie Creative.


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