July 30, 2020

Lash Extensions vs. Natural “Lash Boost” Lashes for your Wedding Day

There are so many choices that have to be made leading up to your big day, and even on your big day! Don’t worry though, as your wedding planner it’s my job to help you sift through some of these choices and be a resource for you as you navigate this process. 
Some of these choices are huge, like choosing a makeup artist, and others are not so huge (but still important) like deciding whether you’ll go with lash extensions or keep your lashes natural. Maybe you’ve already been weighing the pros and cons, or perhaps you haven’t even thought about it yet. Either way, I want to make things a little easier for you and walk through a couple of lash options for your big day. 


Option 1: Keeping your lashes natural but giving them a little boost

I was a huge believer in lash extensions until I found Lash Boost by Rodan & Fields. 
If you’re looking to commit to a lash routine over the long haul, without the high cost, Lash Boost might be just what you need! Cost-wise, it’s roughly $300 per year (which is a far cry from the 800+ to buy and maintain lash extensions… been there, done that!)

With this option, you’re working with your real lashes, conditioning them, promoting lash growth and it can even make them look darker. Of course, it needs to be applied every night to be most effective and it’s something you’d need to keep up with for months before you start to notice a difference. But like I said, this would be a great long term option and definitely something you could start well before your wedding day so you’ll have stunning natural lashes by the time your big day arrives. 


Option 2: Lash extensions

While lash extensions over the long haul can prove pretty costly. If you’re looking for a quick, beautiful, and dramatic alternative to the Lash Boost for your big day, without any preliminary prep work, you may love lash extensions. The best part? They’re waterproof and there’s no need to wear mascara (In case of wedding tears!) and a local esthetician (or certified lash master) is able to apply them easily a day or two before the wedding. Of course, there are a few cons, like not being able to rub your eyes, but if you’re after a dramatic look, extensions might be the way to go! 


Whatever you decide to go with, don’t stress! Either way, it’ll look amazing. I’d love to be a resource for you on all things wedding as you go through this process. Feel free to check out my other blogs about Bridal Self Care, or you can contact me directly to chat more.