July 13, 2019

Intimate Garden Wedding at Ivy Hall

She is independent, organized, and enjoys having her own desk at her corporate job. He is a musician-turned-coding-mastermind, free-spirited man who is madly in love with his bride.


Caroline and David represent almost exactly my ideal clients. (The almost part is only because she did all her own designing and even her own timeline. I wish she could be my assistant.)

When I met Caroline we instantly connected and she trusted me to help execute her vision of an intimate, garden wedding at Ivy Hall Events with a private reception at a local pizza parlor in San Antonio, Texas. She knew she wanted a simple, small wedding where every element represented them as a couple, from the garden wedding with the ghost chairs to the red wine and chef-inspired, Gorgonzola pizza.


‚Äč‚ÄčTheir wedding ceremony started out on a beautiful day in Texas at the downtown San Antonio Ivy Hall Event venue (connected to Tim the Girl’s Good Kind restaurant that brought the bride lunch while she was getting ready). All of the garden was blooming and the local “wildcat” was even found getting in on the photography action as well (see the pic above.)


Before the ceremony, Caroline and David had a first look with a gift exchange. Then they were able to enjoy some fun photos with their gifts, un-official bridal party, and family along with a sangria cocktail that the venue also offered the guests upon arrival. After all the before pictures and once all 35 guests were seated, the bride walked down the aisle, the two exchanged vows, and enjoyed a picture with all the guests after the wedding.


Then it was off to the local, chef-inspired gourmet wood-fired pizza place, Ill Forno. Caroline and David were greeted by fresh antipasti, Pinot Nero red wine, and a round of applause from the guests. The bride and groom had their friend on the keyboard playing all their favorites plus some sweet speeches from family and a Happy Birthday shout-out to her brother after they cut an amazingly yummy cake from Jen Riesman cakes.


Ending the night, the two were whisked away to a honeymoon in Napa after strolling through the twinkling lights of sparklers, held by their closest friends and family outside the pizza place.


I had the pleasure to dine one more time with Caroline and David at our favorite local pizza place, Ill Forno. They are embarking on a new adventure, moving to the Pacific Northwest a few months into marriage. Caroline and I (Caroline) got to reminisce about their wedding day and debrief at the few behind-the-scene mishaps and highlights of the wedding day at the Ivy Hall garden.


This wedding had all the best elements of an intimate event that makes up the three most important elements of Social Planner events.

1. Flowers from a bespoke florist who has lots of creative leeway to make something beautiful (Caroline chose Madly and Love Blooms by Hannah Flores)

2. Food that is chef-inspired and favorites enjoyed by the bride and groom specifically. (They even let me tag along on the tasting)

3. Photographs that can be used as fine art for decorating your walls as well as capturing those special moments as Ashley Medrano did here.

With that said, congratulations to the happy bride and groom may their next adventure be as sweet as the journey to marriage.