July 4, 2018

How To Stay Within Your Wedding Budget

As a wedding planner, I’ve found that keeping a bride and groom within their wedding budget has proved to be my most challenging task.

It’s not the flower choosing or the timeline. It’s the wedding budget. Trying to stay within your budget is even more difficult especially when there has not been a clear budget amount set.

Then you add the element of trying to please friends and family more than making your day special for you and your spouse. Wedding planning within a budget is a constant give and take.

Here are five tips I have found to be the most helpful for the bride and groom to stay within their wedding budget:

1. Determine What’s Important

Sit down, as a couple, and really discuss and hash out what you both want on that special day. Do you want a lot of emphasis on the ceremony and flowers or the party and cake? Maybe you want to honor certain people with a flower decoration so that will add more to the flower budget. This will also help you as a couple to see how you communicate and where your heart is for the wedding.

2. Don’t invite everyone

This can get tricky if you have a close traditional family. But, if you only have a budget for 100 people to eat then opt out of inviting children that are over a year old. Or don’t invite every 2nd cousin and grandparent that you haven’t spoken to in five years. Respect your family, be clear with them the you are trying to stick within your budget and be sure to send announcements after the wedding. This will help everyone to stay informed and you can show off some great wedding photos as well.

3. Stick to it

Don’t forget the details of each vendor category. You may have a dress budget of $3000 and found a dress for that price but what about shoes, and a veil and jewelry…etc. This is when a wedding planner can come in handy. It is easy to overlook the details of each category when you don’t have someone experienced to help you. You don’t have to blow your budget over shoes and jewelry if every detail has been accounted for.  However, if you spend less in one category than you budgeted, that can free up your budget in another category. But be sure to honor your spouse by sticking within the overall budget and communicating as different budget issues come up. This helps build trust before you even say I do.

And that leads to the next tip. . .

4. Communicate, communicate, communicate

I can’t emphasize this enough on the wedding couple. Nothing is more complicated then having a bride and a groom both contacting me about flowers when one is saying roses and the other is saying peonies. So start practicing now on communicating about wedding details (who will be contacting who, and about what) and this will carry over into communicating in marriage. Some couples communicate better in texts or emails while others need to be face to face.

Whatever works best for you as a couple, be sure to follow these simple rules of communication 1. Be kind 2. Listen well 3. Ask them to repeat what they heard. The latter helps when there is a difference of opinion over wedding details or when complications arise before that big day.

5. Cut it out

Don’t be afraid to break tradition. Eliminate elements of traditional weddings that don’t make sense for you and your spouse. This will help you stick within your wedding budget. For example, if neither of you really like cake, then don’t have a cake – opt for a less expensive version of pie or do a candy bar with your favorite treats. If you and your spouse don’t dance then don’t have a DJ and dancing. This is your wedding. Make it your own. And enjoy the one in whom your soul loves.

Bonus Tip!

Having a clear budgeted dollar amount for each category or vendor, helps not only you and your spouse learn to trust each other with money but it also helps the vendor who you are working with. If your cake budget is $450 and you choose a cake that is typically $600 then the baker can adjust size and how elaborate the cake will be in order to stay within your budget. That allows for no surprise invoice a few days from that special day.

Take a breath. Take a step back.

Remember how amazing this wedding day is going to be.
​Enjoy the moments leading up to cuz they will be gone in a matter of hours.

If you need help with budgeting for your wedding or planning the details, I can help. 

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