Eloping has changed a lot over the years. It used to be secretly heading off to some gambling town for a white chapel wedding or going to your local county courthouse to tie-the-knot. But not anymore. Eloping has evolved. And eloping in Texas can be spectacular. It can be anywhere from the bride and groom on the mountain top with a photographer or having your 10 closest people on the beach (under 20 is considered an elopement).


Eloping is more about the couple. And the focus is mainly on the ceremony (and whatever comes after lunch, dinner dancing) and adding those personal touches. Typically, it is less about tradition and more about starting new ones. That doesn’t mean you can’t do traditional things, it just means it’s not expected.


San Antonio has beautiful options for elopements. From the famous marriage island on the Riverwalk to the garden at Ivy Hall. Even a family backyard can be a great place to elope in San Antonio.


Here are 5 tips to get you started when planning your elopement in San Antonio.

San Antonio Elopement Wedding Couple


1. Guests

Decide who you want to be there. Only choose people that are essential to your every day and don’t feel pressure to invite because of tradition. (Remember it is under 20 for a true elopement, more than that and it becomes a small/micro wedding)

Decide what colors you want them to wear. In the case of elopements, you want to have a cohesive feel. The best way to handle this is to provide 3 color options for the guest to choose from when sending the invitations.

Give details of where the ceremony will take place (cuz heels in the grass isn’t fun if you have to stand for 20+ minutes). If it is going to be hot or cold make sure guests are aware as well as giving them all the information on getting from the ceremony spot to the location of the meal afterward.


2. Budget

Now that you know how many people you want there decide on how much you want to spend. Typical elopement can be as affordable as $800 or as luxury as $50k+. It is up to you and where you want to spend your money.


​3. Package or piece it together

Do you want to work with a planner or venue that offers a San Antonio elopement package? Or do you want to piece together your vendors (locations, photographer, flowers, etc)?

The cost should be about the same. The biggest difference is time and stress. If you want to be specific about vendors and details then go with piecing it together but if you are stressed for time or too busy to plan the details then let someone else do it. They are professionals and will likely give you something better than you would have dreamed.


4. Make it your own

Like I said above, elopements are about focusing on the couple and the ceremony.

The best way to make it your own is to discuss what you want out of the day. Ask these questions:
What kind of things have been special in your relationship that you can incorporate into the wedding ceremony?
What traditions do you love about other weddings?
Who do you want to marry you? Friend, pastor, officiant?
Do you want to include anyone from your family in the ceremony? 

Maybe you have a favorite restaurant you want to eat at after the ceremony or maybe you both love the Spurs and incorporate their colors into your wedding. It can be anything but ask yourselves what matters most.

I have so many more suggestions I can ask if you need more help thinking about making the ceremony unique.



Now if you have read any amount of eloping blogs or material you will notice that none of the above is exactly specific to San Antonio.

So here are 3 tips to consider about the San Antonio area specifically:
San Antonio Elopement Wedding

1. Be mindful of the ceremony time and location. 

If you want to get married on the Riverwalk or somewhere near Stone Oak be sure to instruct the guests on how long it will take to get there and the traffic issues. Tell them where to park exactly, how much it will cost, and how long it will take to get to the ceremony spot (walking that is). Give more details. They will be glad for it in the end.


2. San Antonio is hot and humid.

If you are choosing an outdoor location for your elopement ceremony in San Antonio be sure to communicate this to your guests. This will help them choose the best attire for their needs and to be prepared with a fan or a sweater or bug spray. Even better is to choose a ceremony before 12 or after 6 pm. (this helps with the traffic suggest in tip #1.)


3. Be creative.

If you are really looking for an elopement that is outside of tradition consider a few San Antonio specialties like the San Antonio Zoo, Sea World, or the Fountain below the Tower of Americas. Other options could be to have a small ceremony and dinner at your favorite local restaurant, La Paloma, La Fonda on Main, or Alamo Cafe to name a few.


Now that you have your creative wedding juices flowing and you know where to start, get going. Talk about these ideas with your sig and write things out. This is the best place to start communicating your ideas with each other and practicing compromise and communication.


Do you want some help hashing out all these wedding details? Do you love some of my ideas and want to see what we could come up with together? I would love that as well. I have been specializing in small weddings and elopements in the San Antonio area since 2017 and doing weddings in Colorado for many years before that. I want to invite you to read over the Social Planner Event experience and my really cheesy video on who the SPE ideal couple is. Then if you wanna contact me to help you plan an awesome San Antonio elopement, hit me up here on my contact page.