July 1, 2018

Can Your Wedding Cake Waffle It?

What is not to love about breakfast food? I don’t know about you, but I love having breakfast for dinner!

So why not use this same approach when it comes to your wedding cake? Sounds like a fun time to me!


Here are five ideas you can use for Breakfast for Dinner stations at your wedding:


‚Äč1. Waffle Wedding Cake

Little flavored syrups or pouring syrup on the cake before cutting it would be a fun photo. Just prepare for the stickiness!


2. Omelet Station

Just like when you wake up and go down to that free breakfast at the Marriott. An omelet station with meat, veggies, and sauces to choose from.


3. Build Your Own Donut

This is pretty trendy right now and I am always seeing an Insta pic in my feed of a wall of donuts with different sauces and candies to dip the donut in. It’s trending because it’s cool!


4. Mimosa Bar

Add a bunch of different fruit juices, some sparkling bubbly, and voila!!

Bonus tip: The guest could even receive a keepsake flute and you could use name tags on the stems as seating placement.


5. Cereal Station

Complete with fruity colors, bran’d raisins, and silly-shaped marshmallows. Be sure to have a few milk options. Not everyone is on the cow game anymore.


Wedding Waffle Cake