November 5, 2020

Fun and Fresh Spring Wedding at Ivy Hall in San Antonio

Boho bride with fiesta style bouquet and groom in blue suit with man bun and hip floral pocket boutonniere under a tent at Ivy Hall in San Antonio Texas with wedding planner Social Planner Events

Behind the Event at Anna and Johnathans Spring Leap Year Wedding at Ivy Hall in San Antonio.

When I first met Anna and Jonathan (who found me after looking for wedding planners who had worked at Ivy Hall in San Anotonio before), I knew I was in for something special. They are the perfect mix of creative, fun, and bubbly, while somehow remaining one of the most laid back and down to earth couples I have ever met. This colorful combination was sure to produce something exciting:

  • Like a wedding on Leap Year day… in the middle of the afternoon .
  • Or maybe a change out of their wedding attire and into their jeans as soon as they got the chance!
  • And definitely an exciting San Antonio Fiesta wedding theme including red, orange, yellow, pink, AND purple!


The Challenge

When you decide that your wedding theme is basically a rainbow, it’s safe to say there is going to be some challenge in wedding planning.

Anna and Jonathan chose to take a DIY approach, however. With the help of their friends and family, the couple DIY’d and assembled their entire wedding – from the backdrops to the sweet, sweet photo table. I was able to see their vision from the beginning, and I knew it was going to be a success.


With more common color schemes and themes, it’s easy to know how things will turn out because someone else has already done it before! But when you go for something a little bit outside of the box, it’s easy to begin doubting your choices and wondering whether it will come together the way you had envisioned. It was my job to support her through this, as I too saw her vision and knew it was going to be absolutely perfect from the start. Partly because I knew that a wedding at Ivy Hall in San Antonio is the perfect backdrop to this type of design style and that Anna and Jonathan were hip enough to pull it off.

But don’t just take it from me. Take it from Anna herself:

“She also made sure that my vision was realized and never questioned my ideas or tried to talk me out of anything I wanted to do, even when others told me my ideas were far-fetched or flat out wouldn’t work.”
As your wedding planner, it is my job (and my passion) to strategically bring all of your wildest wedding dreams to life and help you envision just how beautiful and perfect it is all going to be on your big day.

But of course, there are always speed bumps throughout the wedding planning process. As your wedding planner, it’s my job to make sure your big day flows as seamlessly as possible. So when issues arise in the weeks leading up to your wedding, you can sleep soundly knowing I will be there to fix it!


The Solution

Even when the most unexpected problems pop up, Social Planner Events know how to keep wedding running smoothly. And I feel this is something I can largely attribute to the process I use with all of my couples.

I always start with an in-depth questionnaire. And I truly mean in-depth, y’all! This questionnaire might be rather tiresome, but it is my secret weapon in helping me create a beautiful and seamless wedding experience for my couples. This questionnaire helps couples consider things they may never have even thought of before, like incorporating a special dance or prayer for the ceremony.

For Jonathan and Anna, it was decided that Jonathan’s brother would sing during their first dance. This was such a special and sweet moment to experience.


My couples are asked questions that touch on everything from the venue to the first dance and even the wedding cake. For example, some couples want to keep the cake topper after their wedding and don’t even realize this until we reach that question on my questionnaire. Generally, I don’t recommend this kind of thing because it just doesn’t save well for an entire year. Plus, most bakeries will provide free mini cakes on your one year anniversary!

Next is the planning phase. In this stage, I work with the couple to refine all of their big-ticket decisions, like the venue, the date, who is going to cater, who is doing the photos and videos, and more. Oftentimes, these decisions are ones that need to be booked well in advance, but they are also decisions that tend to guide the rest of our planning.

Then comes the design and details phase. This phase generally takes the most time out of the planning process. This is when we really refine their vision and aesthetic, decide on florals, decor, cake, and entertainment. The primary focus of this stage is making sure that all of your wildest dreams are actually possible the day of – and that I can make it all happen as seamlessly as possible. It was this part of the process that really helped Jonathan and Anna get a clear idea of how it might all come together for their wedding at Ivy Hall in San Antonio.

Last, but definitely not least, is the organization and communication phase of the wedding planning process. All of the major and minor details have been decided and ironed out, so now the focus goes back to outlining the wedding day. We’ll work together to outline the order of the day’s events: getting ready, the first look, ceremony, the reception, and whatever else you have planned. With the help of my detailed tracker and decor instruction sheets, your wedding day will go by without a single hitch.


Aside from guiding couples through the planning process, my first job is to support them through this stressful, yet wonderful experience. My job is quite literally to make your wedding day as smooth and incredible as possible, and I am blessed to say this is the case for every wedding of mine this far.


The Result

Well, just look for yourself:



Every bridesmaid had a different color dress: red, orange, yellow, purple, pink. Each bouquet coordinated with the color of the bridesmaid’s dress and the bride’s bouquet contained a little bit of every color. This is such a subtle, yet engaging way to inject your life into your wedding photos: each color in her bouquet represents one of her bridesmaids and the story they share together and the contribution they have made in her life that has helped her get here.

And of course, the dessert table color-coordinated with this theme as well!



The entire wedding felt like an extended cocktail hour between a bunch of close-knit friends and family who were thrilled to be spending time together. They chose to go a non-traditional route and I don’t think any of us could be happier with the result!

After the wedding, the couple held somewhat of an after-party at a bar down the street from their wedding at Ivy Hall in San Antonio. This setting was so casual and intimate – and it went well with her outfit change!




All in all, I feel like Jonathan and Anna’s wedding was able to perfectly capture who they are and what is most important to them.


I can’t take all of the credit, however.
Jonathan and Anna were a huge guide in the aesthetic of this day.
And the wedding venue – Ivy Hall in San Antonio, never disappoints! In fact, it is one of my (and my couple’s) favorite San Antonio wedding venues. Ivy Hall’s unique aesthetic fits so many different themes, and the size and versatility of the venue allows it to handle everything from an elopement to a 150+ person wedding. It provides the perfect mix of sophisticated and hip, and you can even see the Tower of Americas in the background.
Without Brittany Marshall Photography, I wouldn’t be able to show you just how incredible Jonathan and Anna’s big day turned out.


If you and your lover are in need of some wedding planning assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out! I’m more than ready to bring your creative and unique wedding dreams to life!