January 13, 2021

8 Heartfelt Ways to Preserve Your Wedding Memorabilia

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You and your significant other’s wedding is likely going to be one of the most special, incredible days of your life – whether it’s an elopement or a 150-person wedding extraordinaire.

To craft this one-of-a-kind day takes months and months of hard work, planning, and maybe a few tears.


So why let it all of your hard work and your cherished memories from your wedding go to waste after it’s all over?




Let’s start with the bouquet.

If you’re anything like me, you probably spent hours obsessing over the smallest details of your wedding – like the florals!

Don’t feel guilty for doing this. You chose those flowers and those colors for a reason! To you, they symbolize hope, happiness, and the promise of what’s to come. You and your significant other both feel like your love and your life together have been perfectly captured by this simple detail.


In some ways, it feels like the flowers you chose traversed life from a seedling to a beautiful bloom, just to serve you on your special day.

Of course, it’s going to be hard to part from this monumentous representation of your love.


Preserving your wedding bouquet is such a special way to cherish your wedding day and everything that makes your relationship together so special.

Although there are plenty of transformations your flowers can undergo to achieve this, we chose these 3 significant methods of repurposing your flowers because they each have a unique way to perfectly capture your special day forever.


1. Turn Your Bouquet into a Pressed Flower Frame

Frames are used to signify and safely keep important moments in our life – like our first date or our firstborn child.

Odds are you will already be framing a few special photos from your wedding and hanging them in your home, so why not add another level to these photos by using your actual wedding flowers in the frame?


There are a few different styles you can use to accomplish this.

  • You could press and preserve your flowers in a floating glass frame to give your wedding bouquet art a bit of a modern touch.
  • Take things to the next level by adding a wedding photo on top of those pressed flowers.
  • If you’d like to store your wedding flowers with other significant memorabilia from your wedding day, you could use a shadow box frame instead. Use the pressed flowers as a sort of background to tie it all together. You might also include your wedding jewelry, invitations, or wedding photos in the shadow box.
  • Or, if you want to make sure your wedding bouquet is preserved perfectly on the first try, you could send your bouquet (or the same flowers from your local florist) to a professional!
  • For more wedding bouquet preservation ideas, check out this article from Glass House Collection!


If you’re eager to do this by yourself (or with your significant other), this article provides plenty of in-depth instruction for pressing your wedding flowers.


2. Repurpose Your Wedding Flowers into an Epoxy Resin Ring Holder

Even though you will probably wear your wedding and engagement ring 24/7, there may be some situations where you will need to remove your wedding rings.


Because these artifacts hold so much significance (and monetary value), you’ll probably want to do something to keep your wedding jewelry extra safe during that time.

An epoxy resin ring holder made from your actual wedding flowers would be the perfect place to keep your wedding (or other) jewelry safe while you wait!

You can find an example of an epoxy resin ring holder (and other epoxy resin artifacts) here and here!


Other ideas for repurposing your wedding bouquet using epoxy resin are a necklace, a ring, earrings, a monogram paperweight, or a flower vase.

If you’d like to tackle this project yourself, Zola has provided a set of simple instructions that apply to just about any epoxy resin and floral project. You might consider doing a test run before you create your final product, though.


3. Capture the Essence of Your Wedding Bouquet in a Painting or Embroidered Art Piece

Whether or not you choose to preserve your actual wedding bouquet, having a painting or embroidered art piece of your bouquet holds just as much significance and value.


The benefit to repurposing your wedding bouquet this way is that both methods are able to really capture the essence and look of your flowers in their prime on your wedding day.

If you choose to go the painted route, I suggest commissioning an artist in your preferred style. Remember that every artist has their own style of painting, so it’s important to choose an artist that specializes in your preferred style, rather than asking someone to adapt to your preferences.

These paintings can serve as a simple and subtle reminder in your home of your wedding day (and all that your flowers signify) for the rest of your life.


Here are 3 distinct styles of wedding flower painting to get you inspired, but don’t hesitate to start researching to discover local artists in your area. (#ShopSmall!)


Perhaps you’d prefer an embroidered art piece to represent your wedding bouquet.

The benefit of this method is that it provides a sort of 3D effect to your wedding bouquet art. With embroidery, you can literally touch and experience the art in a whole new way.

And similar to paintings, embroidery is usually done from a photo, making it easy to capture your flowers in their full glory.

Check out this beautiful piece from Owl House Flowers!


Both methods of wedding bouquet repurposing make beautiful surprise gifts from family, so don’t be afraid to share this blog with your friends and family as a hint!



We can’t forget one of the most important details of your wedding day: your wedding dress!

Most women and men dream about their wedding day from the time they are kids.

For women especially, a lot of thought goes into what she’ll wear on her special day. Unfortunately, this dream dress is usually only worn once and then forgotten about until someone asks about it.


Preserving a wedding dress allows you to not only reminisce on your special day longer, it can even allow you to pass the glory on to future generations.

Each of the following dress preservation methods gives your dress a second life, in a way, enabling you to enjoy it for as long as you can.


4. Professionally Preserve Your Dress For Future Generations

As a young girl, did you ever wish for a moment that your mom kept her dress for you so that you could feel even more connected and special on your big day?

Or maybe you’re getting ready for marriage and finding it more and more important to keep your dress so that you can share this special moment with your future daughter (or granddaughter).

In order to achieve this, your dress will not only need to withstand the test of time, but remain clean and in peak condition before, during, and after your wedding.


Professionally preserving your wedding dress means that your dress is not only cleaned using museum-grade cleaning techniques but that it is preserved with the intention of preventing yellowing or other future damage.

Going the professional route also means you’ll be able to keep the value of your dress and get a good bargain for it should you ever decide to sell.


BridalKare International – based out of New York, has made headlines because of their unmatched attention to detail and commitment to preserving one of your most cherished possessions.

Even better? BridalKare is women-owned and family operated. We also urge you to look into other locally-owned dress preservers so that you can support another small business in your area!

If professional preservation is out of your budget, David’s Bridal offers a cheaper alternative.


5. Preserve Your Wedding (Dress Included) in an Extravagant-Style Shadow Box

Having your wedding dress professionally preserved usually means you’ll be storing your dress in a safe place and that not a lot of people will get to see it – unless they ask about it.


Storing your dress in a shadow box, on the other hand, means your wedding dress will be put on display for all of your friends, family, and most importantly – you and your significant other – to see and enjoy.

This method usually means that you get your dress professionally cleaned and preserved anyway, but rather than storing it in a box in your closet for safekeeping, it’ll go into a glass shadow box that will be used as decor in your home.

You can find a few beautiful examples (and instructions) here!

6. Repurpose Your Dress (or Parts of It) Into Jewelry or Other Wearable Pieces

Have you ever thought about how cool it would be to wear your wedding dress EVERY SINGLE DAY?!

Obviously not the full thing… but rather, a small piece of it.


Depending on where you take fabric from in your dress, this option still enables you to preserve your dress using either of the methods mentioned above, while still being able to enjoy your dress on a daily basis!

Here is a beautiful personal story about wedding dress jewelry from the Food 52 blog!


Bonus Wedding Preservation Ideas!

Although your wedding bouquet and wedding dress are two significant memories you’ll definitely want to preserve, the preservation doesn’t have to stop there!

We really think you’ll like these last 2 ideas!☺️


7. Capture a Perfect Moment From Your Wedding in a Custom Live Painting

I think it’s safe to say most of us are a little worn out on wedding photo booths.

Yes, they are a cute way to remember your guests… but it doesn’t always feel very personalized or special. (Now, giving your guests disposable cameras to capture the wedding from their perspective – that’s an idea we’d like to see in action!)

Live wedding painting is a trend you’ve probably seen more and more of the last few years. With this practice, a professional painter brings their own tools and paints a special moment at your wedding.


These paintings are incredibly in-depth – so much so that most painters prefer to be on scene painting up to 4 hours before your wedding even begins!

A live wedding painting serves not only as a special piece of art for your home, but a family heirloom in many cases (as well as a fun form of entertainment for your guests!)


Live wedding painters each have their own style so it’s important to choose a painter that aligns with your preferences.

Check out this blog for a behind-the-scenes look into one painter’s experiences doing live wedding painting. If you’re eager to find your own live painter, Snap Chic Weddings is SATX-based and comes highly recommended in the San Antonio wedding industry!


8. Capture Your Promises in a Wedding Time Capsule

As a mom, I try not to pick favorites… but this idea is pretty high up on my favorites list!


Wedding planning is hard. It’s exhausting. But eventually, it pays off!

Then the wedding is over and life settles a bit. Marriage is hard, and it’s going to take work. (Best piece of marriage advice I have to give? Never stop trying to make your partner happy. This goes both ways!)

Creating a wedding time capsule is a beautiful and powerful way to not only savor your relationship and wedding day but also to remind yourself of your time together and your commitments to each other.

By the way – a wedding time capsule only gets better with time!


Before I give you a few of my favorite ideas for what to include in your time capsule, here are a few important tips.

  1. Start thinking about this time capsule early. Save important and significant mementos throughout your entire relationship. These mementos may serve as a reminder of the good times, or even why your relationship is worth fighting for when things get tough.
  2. Set open dates! The choice is yours, but many couples open the box for the first time 5 years after their wedding. 1 year might feel more achievable, but slightly longer periods of time can make the waiting feel more worth it. Set dates to open the time capsule throughout your entire lifetime together – perhaps every 5 years? And don’t hesitate to add to it as time passes!
  3. Be intentional about how and where to store your time capsule. Do you want to leave lots of room for future additions? Do you want to display your time capsule in your home as a reminder or would you rather keep it safely hidden away to avoid temptation? How can you keep it safe regardless of where you store it?


Okay, okay! We’ll stop dragging this out and get to the exciting part: here’s what to include in your time capsule!

  • Your written vows
  • Love letters to each other before marriage
  • Love letters to each other periodically after marriage (every anniversary)
  • A newspaper from your wedding day, or a recap of what life was like the year you got married
  • A copy of your wedding guest book and letters or messages from your guests
  • A list of the things you want to accomplish or experience together
  • Your professional wedding photos
  • Wedding photos taken by your guests using disposable cameras (provides a new perspective of your wedding day!)
  • Wedding invitations, programs, save the dates, engagement announcements. All of these will remind you of the important memories and moments associated with that time period.
  • Dried or pressed flowers
  • Pieces of your bridesmaid’s dresses
  • Pieces of your wedding decor
  • Your cake topper
  • A list of songs from your wedding
  • Items from before your wedding, like ticket stubs, cards, or pictures. Bonus! Write a quick description for each of the photos to help you remember why those simple moments were so significant to you.
  • The cork from your first champagne together
  • Memorabilia from your honeymoon: flight tickets, sand in a bottle, rocks, etc.
  • Anything. It’s your time capsule, after all!


Regardless of how you choose to preserve your wedding, I think there is one simple statement we can all agree with: remembering these special moments in our life is so important and special.

There is truly nothing like looking back at a photo and remembering how you felt in that moment. Your wedding day is clearly one of those special moments worth remembering and these preservation methods can help you do that in such a unique and powerful way.


For more wedding planning ideas and inspiration, check out some of our other blog posts – or reach out to Social Planner Events for help planning your unique wedding!


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