September 21, 2020

5 Safe Wedding Practices For Your Wedding Day

5 Safe Wedding Practices For Your Perfect Wedding Day

We’ve all spent some time daydreaming about our perfect wedding plans.


Big, small, outside, inside, male or female? Regardless of what it looks like for you, there’s one feeling we all share when it comes to wedding planning: stress!


Fear not! That’s what I am here for!

I specialize in listening to your one-of-a-kind wedding dreams and transforming them into a reality – all while saving you time and sanity planning them. At the end of the day, I bring the heart to this business (plus the spreadsheets, documents, and checklists). All you have to do is bring the love, the money, and the dreams!

I genuinely thrive when presented with a tough challenge, so bring it on! I’ll also take advantage of any opportunity to bring value to my community, and there seems to be no better opportunity than right now!




1. Start with the guest count.

Large weddings are great, but we’re seeing increasing trends towards smaller, more intimate weddings.

Smaller weddings are cheaper (of course), but they also provide more of an opportunity to spend quality time with each of your guests. After all, this is an important day spent with your favorite people – so why not actually spend time with them while you’re together?!

Weddings are an exciting life event, so it’s common to want to share your perfect day with everyone you can think of. But do you really want to spend all that money on someone you went to middle school with? (That’s what Instagram is for! You can post your epic wedding pics online for all to see!)


2. How About Those Seating Arrangements?

On the topic of guest count, another safe alternative (especially post-pandemic) is to create smaller seating arrangements.

We’re talking 6 to 8 guests per table TOPS.

A huge benefit to these smaller arrangements, aside from safety, is that it allows your guests to mingle easily and efficiently with each other. Conversations are more sincere and intimate, and it gives you more of an opportunity to connect with your guests on a deeper level.


3. Let’s Take Things Outside

For many, the original plan (you know: the small, yet intimate wedding with a full seafood buffet, happy hour, and dance floor?) just isn’t possible anymore.

This can be a hard pill to swallow at first. I understand and I empathize with you. Take a moment to feel that loss, and accept that a new plan is in the works. Who knows – this one could be better!

On that note – have you considered an outdoor wedding? We’re fortunate enough to have some of the most beautiful weather almost all year here in San Antonio. This fortune extends throughout the Hill Country, and it deserves to be taken advantage of.

An outdoor wedding not only provides you with a plethora of space, it oftentimes feels more relaxed and personal, especially with a complimentary design theme. The outdoor space is exactly what you make it: need a space to entertain the kids? What about a nice, cozy campfire setting to wind things down? You got it!


4. As Far As Food Goes

The days of the traditional buffet line are long gone.

But what about a pre-plated (and covered) buffet line? Or a pre-plated, brought to your table option? Or even an appetizer-only setup where the appetizers are distributed safely by one person to all of your guests? The options are endless! And they are all pandemic-approved too!

Or, you could forego food altogether, and instead just provide some drinks and snacks for your guests to enjoy at the reception.

It’s ultimately up to you, but you may want to consider speaking with your vendors and a few guests to see what they feel most comfortable with.


5. Why Not Elope?

This is your day.

Forget about all of the stress, coordination, and chaos that comes with planning a wedding. Just elope!

It’s about your commitment to your other half. Of course, you’ll need to invite your parents, an officiant, and maybe a photographer, but that’s about it!


Elopements are very near and dear to my heart. It’s an incredible experience to see two individuals standing before me, professing their undying love for one another. Elopement ceremonies are extremely intimate, emotional, and meaningful for everyone involved, and it’s an honor to be a part of that experience.

Eloping isn’t what it used to be either. It’s about the couple only. It’s not a big party, or about carrying a tradition. It’s about starting new traditions together and bringing a more personal touch to things.


And it’s not hard to plan either! Check out these 5 tips to get started planning your elopement wedding!


Whatever your plans, embrace them.

Enjoy your perfect wedding day and cherish it forever. Make the very most of this beautiful day!

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