September 28, 2020

5 Inspiring Color Palettes For Your Fall Wedding

Bride in full cinderella style skirt with groom in blue suit at Big Bend National Park in Texas with design and planning by Social Planner Events - Fall Wedding Colors Wedding PlanningFinally!

Cooler weather, comfy clothes, and crunchy leaves have arrived! Fall is finally here! 🤩🍂

(Can you tell how excited I am?)


That means it’s time to sit back, snuggle up, and plan your fall wedding! What better place to begin than with some color inspiration?!

Okay, I won’t make you wait any longer.




1. The Great Adventurer

Fall is all about enjoying the great outdoors, right?Then there’s no better place to start than with this earthy color palette we call “The Great Adventurer”. This palette is for the conscious-minded, adventurous couple looking for that deep connection to the thing they love most: exploration and adventure!

Akaroa brings in the dusty and natural environment we all know best in our great state, complemented closely by the rich and lively deep greens you’ll find behind every corner of your travels. This deep green, Oil, contributes a mystical and expressive feeling to the overall theme. And then there’s Luxor Gold. If you’re anything like me – you LOVE a good piece of gold jewelry. But when you bring this rich gold into your wedding color palette, everything becomes bold and magical! To finish it all off, Bull Shot brings in a feeling of bravery, boldness, and ties back to the explorative roots of why you chose the palette in the first place.

The Great Adventurer is perfect for an outdoor wedding – especially one that falls in the height of the Texas heat! It works SO well for those who aren’t after that bright white look and really complements this Texas landscape we all love so much!







2. Sweet Somethings 

Polished, sweet, and strong are the words I’d use to describe this palette!We’ll start with Sandal; the perfect piece for any fall wedding! Sandal brings those natural and rooted feelings back to any color palette. Coupled with the deep tones of Eternity, you get an earthy, yet intriguing combination that really soothes any soul. But what happens when you throw in some radiant and contrasting tones like Swiss Coffee? Things get a lot more exciting and original! We love Swiss Coffee because of how inviting and expressive it makes this palette! Finish it all off with Pickled Bean for a rich and mysterious vibe and you’re all set for your fun fall wedding!

Sweet Somethings is perfect for the couple with a little bit of a back story. Especially couples with a rich history and exciting background. It’s the perfect mix of two different worlds!









3. Serene Surroundings 

Life moves fast. Things change with the blink of an eye. And maybe you want to slow it down a bit for your big day…Say hello to Fresh Feelings! Altogether, you might just see a mix of greens, but every single piece of this palette has something unique and important to contribute. Green Spring, for example, is the sweetest of them all. It brings in a bit of a blue tone and settles things down a bit. And then there’s Zeus. Zeus brings power to the palette. It’s deep, dark, and mysterious. Kabul brings the earthy tones into the picture, and Hemlock ties it all together with a bright and inviting grass green.

Fresh Feelings is perfect for weddings with a high contrast look. Getting married on a bright white sandy beach in front of a vibrant baby blue sky? Tone it down and bring it all together with Fresh Feelings!









4. Vibrant Visions

This one probably caught your eye, didn’t it? That’s the point!I’ll start with the obvious – that bright, beautiful, expressive Hibiscus! The star of the show! Even in the smallest details, this color catches eyes and tells a story! But it takes a lot to tone it down! Kelp and Driftwood are the perfect partners for such a captivating color. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, especially in Texas, it shouldn’t be hard to use your surroundings and find Driftwood and Kelp tones to bring your bright beauty back to earth! Finish it all off with sweet and delicate Silver Rust.

Vibrant Visions is perfect for anyone eager to make a statement! It’s the perfect mix of subtle, serene, and then BOOM! Imagine a clean white cathedral in the background, with you and your wedding party serving LOOKS in the foreground! Yesssssss!









5. Cozy Cottage

Mmmm! Don’t you just want to wrap yourself in a blanket of Cozy Cottage colors?Swirl and Yellow Metal bring together those earthy, fall-focused tones we all love, while Viridian Green and Falcon kick things up a notch! Both of the latter are still subdued enough to match that cozy fall feeling. What a perfect mix!

Cozy Cottage is the ideal choice for those who want to incorporate their favorite colors without creating a high-contrast, busy environment that steals the show from you and your big day. Together, the Cozy Cottage colors look STUNNING on camera and can really compliment you and your partner’s overall look.













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